Oral presentation at ACR Convergence 2020


After months of effort, the results of the REUMAVID study are beginning to be presented at scientific conferences. For the first time, they are being presented at ACR Convergence 2020, the annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology.  The study, entitled Assesment of the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of people with rheumatic and […]

Interview from APMAAR in Italia to Marco Garrido about REUMAVID results

The greatest problem for patients with rheumatic diseases in Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic was access to healthcare. 58% of rheumatologist appointments were cancelled during the pandemic. Of these, 54% were offered a virtual or telephone consultation while 35% were given no alternative.  These are some of the data from the REUMAVID study that Professor […]

YouTube Chanel LPCDR •• Liga Portuguesa Contra Doenças Reumáticas

The REUMAVID study is echoed in Portugal. In 2020, the 23º Foro de Apoyo al Paciente Reumático – New Challenges was held by the Liga Portuguesa Contra Doenças Reumáticas (LPCDR).  The forum, with a total of eight sessions, addressed issues related to the diagnosis, management and prevention of rheumatic diseases. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, […]

Launchment of the Second Survey

The REUMAVID study enters its second phase. A second survey is being launched in the European countries participating in REUMAVID. The first to start with the second phase of the study was the United Kingdom, which began data collection on February the 4th. Second, France launched its survey on February the 9th, followed by Italy […]